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11 – 23 October 2017

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Inspiration for my latest Exhibition:  “Object of Desire”  2017

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The Olive Grove

The Olive Grove 2017

In early March this year, I had the good fortune of visiting Cabrieres-d’Avignon, Provence-Alpes, a 300 year old
village in the South of France. Good fortune, not just because of where it was, but because of when — it was
Spring. The colours and the soft light of the French countryside brought memories of the paintings I love, by French and other European Impressionists.

Along an ancient walking path I found an olive grove near Chemin des Fileuses. There was a stone wall and a small wooden bench, shaded from the sun by masses of olive leaves. It was a place of serenity and total calm. A sanctuary where I returned three more times, sat on the bench, meditated and soaked in the friendly sunlight. I absorbed everything visible, stretched, sketched and to aid my memory took just one photo.

Returning to my studio in Sydney, I drew the image several times, then layered the paint on to one of my favourite mediums, handmade rice paper. As the paper was too large for my table, I painted on the floor, using the chalkiness of gouache combined with the luminosity of French inks.



The Olive Grove 2

The Olive Grove 2  2017


While painting I continued to have the essence of ‘being there’, in that beautiful grove. My senses had memorised the essence with the fragrance of the trees and the feel and sound of the zephyrs tickling the leaves. This is the feeling I want to imbue when looking at my painting which I so much enjoyed doing. Back at our villa we ate the olives from those very same trees.

Using a softer dreamier palette I did another painting of The Olive Grove in a narrow format.










View through the French Window

View through the French Window  2017


“View Through the French Window”
This view to the courtyard, was from my bedroom window of our villa in Cabrieres-d’Avignon. Each morning to bring in the fresh crisp air, I opened the French windows with sunshine spilling onto the sill.













The Bentwood_Ruth Law

The Bentwood   2017


“The Bentwood”
When we arrived in this lovely home there was a bunch of ‘Mimosa’ in a jug on the hall table. Painting with primary yellow along with a green that gave the abundance of life I was able to breathe new life into the fading flowers.

The green bowl is characteristic of the pottery of Provence. It was filled with fresh tomatoes, but my choice was to change the tomatoes to persimmons creating a beautiful colour palette. The Bentwood chair is my portrayal of a still life in Provence.

Exhibition: Object of Desire
Paintings by Ruth Law

The Palm House – Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney
Opening: Sunday 15 October 3.00 – 5.00pm
11 – 23 October 2017
Open daily 10.00-4.00pm